Electric Underwater Scooter Propeller for Scuba Diving


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Looking for Electric Underwater Scooter Propeller for Scuba Diving?


Underwater adventure is so exciting!

But, it’s somehow kinda exhausting, right? Let’s face it. Scuba diving is not easy to do but it’s something enjoyable and really worth doing for enthusiasts and professionals.

You wanted to explore more and dive deep to see the marine environment, but your strength and fatigue play the spoilsport.

I know why you’re here. 

You’re looking for a companion that will help you create memories in your underwater adventure.

A companion that will help you and make it easy for you to explore the deep waters without even consuming too much energy.

Well, you’re in the right place!

We’d like to introduce you to the Electric Underwater Scooter Propeller for Scuba Diving!


underwater scooter scuba diving


This will help you add more power to dive deep and stay underwater longer or go on an extensive exploration.


electric underwater scooter


electric underwater scooter scuba diving


Conserve your energy and consume less air as your swim with this underwater scooter so you can go further and explore more. It can pull you across the water as you swim so that you will exert less energy but still reach farther. You can now go beyond your limit and enjoy more of your water activities!

This is not just for beginner and regular swimmers to help them practice the sport but also a great tool for professional divers. It can help experience divers explore more of the deep ocean and practice to do more challenging activities.





This underwater scooter for divers can help you enjoy adventure beneath the water for 45 minutes. With its dual propulsion, this can create effects similar to underwater jet ski. Powered by a powerful motor, it can generate 12-kg thrust enough to pull you at 3.7 mph (5.9 km/h).

It has a two-level speed. The aqua scooter propulsion can travel up to a depth of 50 meters, much higher than any such underwater scooter in the market.


dual repulsion underwater scooter

dual repulsion underwater scooter



Explore deeper ocean environments with this easy-to-use underwater scooter for scuba diving. This mini underwater jet ski is ready to use with just 90 minutes of recharge. You get alerts if the aqua scooter propulsion’s battery goes down. Intelligent optimization ensures good battery output.



The underwater scooter for scuba diving is safe to use and also comes with a child safety lock.

safe lock underwater scooter

child lock underwater scooter

child safe lock underwater scooter


Want to record your best moments underwater with your Go-Pro? This underwater scooter has an extension for Go-Pro devices!


underwater diving accessories

Trident go pro underwater scooter

underwater scooter go pro



Why would you choose this as your underwater companion?

  • It is made for professional divers.
  • Amateur divers can easily use it.
  • Integrated design makes it highly portable.
  • Compact, easy to carry
  • Powerful motor, higher thrust
  • Removable battery
  • Human-oriented and balanced design
  • Long battery life
  • Both leisure and fast cruise speed
  • Professional swimming experience


 What's in the package:

  • 1x Store bag
  • 1x Scooter
  • 1x Anti-lost ring
  • 1x adapter
  • 1x charger
  • 1x Battery
  • Instruction Manual


Trident package

underwater scooter

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