Long-Range 4K HD Drone Photography Quadcopter

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Long-Range 4K HD Drone for better Photography and Videography?

Drones come in handy. They’re made portable and high quality in terms of capturing your best moments.

But whatif the drone you will be using comes in an interesting outlook? 

What if it imitates the look of something unique?

More of like an alien ship thing…

If that’s what you’re looking for, let me introduce you the Power Egg Drone


It looks like a dragon egg when folded but it is more than just a dragon egg.

The PowerVision PowerEgg drone camera is one of the most aesthetic devices in the field of drone cameras.




It can capture in 4K and comes with various interesting features that will help you to make yourself clear why you need this special egg.

It is able to record 4K HD drone video, its camera can take a 360-degree view of the surroundings and relay you amazing scenery from a long distance. Outdoor GPS dual-mode and indoor optical flow positioning add to the perfect drone photography feature.





Taking your photography or videography into a higher level and you want a wider range of shot?

If you are a dronethusiast and need a drone with a camera offering an extensive view of the surrounding then this is what you’re looking for!

This drone is the best for photography and videography over an extended area. With the capacity to transmit images from a 5km distance, the drone has an extensive reach.




There’s a maximum flight speed of 46km/h and a flight time of around 23 minutes. Controls take the form of a standard twin-stick remote control or, more interestingly, the Gesture controller, which is designed to be used one-handed and looks a lot like an old Wii Nunchuk controller. The latter aims to simplify flight controls and also supports gestures.



The gesture control makes this flying drone easy to control. Its 6-axis stability offers stable images while the 6-channel control brings in a lot of conveniences.



Benefits and features:

  • Long range: 5km drone photography
  • More flying time: 23 minutes
  • Powerful battery: 3000mah
  • Superior images: 4K HD camera integrated
  • Better speed: 45kmph
  • Easy to fold and carry: Portable design
  • Wider coverage: 360-degree view
  • Gesture control


What’s in the package:

  • Power egg remote control
  • power egg base station
  • power egg intelligent battery
  • power egg Charger
  • Maestro controller
  • power egg stand




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