Long-Range GPS Selfie Drone With 5G 1080P FHD Camera






 Are you looking for the best selfie drone?

Want a mini drone with a camera able to take outstanding drone photography? You are not ready to compromise on camera quality when buying a drone.

Here is the one for you – Long-Range GPS Selfie Drone With 5G 1080P FHD Camera.



HS700 1080p FHD FPV Selfie Drone



1080p FHD Camera

Its advanced 1080P FHD Camera is the main attraction of this selfie drone. With 110°FOV lens, the drone camera offers extensive and panoramic videos that can be transmitted from a distance of 1,300ft using its latest 5G transmission. The quality of drone photography is one of the best.


HS700 Drone 1080p FHD Camera



Follow Me Mode

The flying drone comes with GPS-assisted flight. The follow-me mode allows you to program the selfie drone to follow you and take pictures.     



HS700 Drone Follow Me GPS Location



One-Key Auto-Return

With a 2800 mAh battery, it can fly for 20 mins. One-key auto-return allows it to return on its own in case of low battery. You can control the drone helicopter easily thanks to its one-key quick launch, flight path creation, user-friendly app control, and the headless mode.



HS700 Drone Auto Return Home



Autopilot Mode: Fixed Route and Point of Interest

How about a drone that can fly without a pilot? You might think it's crazy but this drone can be independent to its pilot with its custom flight path mode. This feature allows you to save a route that the drone will automatically follow using autopilot. Just set the route and destination by drawing a route on the map and the drone will move in the saved direction.

Another feature this drone boasts is its Point of Interest mode where the drone will fly independently clockwise in autopilot around a present spot.



HS700 Drone Custom Flight Path Autopilot



Double Flight Time and Battery Alarm

While common drones usually fly 8 minutes only, this drone can fly up to two times longer. It is equipped with a 2800mAh battery that can last up to 20 minutes of flight time to capture more breathtaking images and record more stunning footages.

Don't worry in case you forgot about the battery life when you get too entertained flying the drone because it will automatically notify you through alarm when the battery is low to prevent sudden shut down while on the flight.



HS700 Drone Long Flight Time



Long-Range Transmission

See more of the world with HS700 Ophelia. This model can transmit as far as 1000 meters away. You don't have to move anymore when you want to cover more of the surroundings It can fly higher and farther than most of the other drones and channels real-time images as well as high-quality videos.



HS700 Drone Long Range



APP Control

What's more about this drone is the convenience of its control using a smartphone. You have the choice to use the controller or just the smartphone instead through APP Control. You can easily view the drone's perspective and control its flight through your phone making it more easy to pilot.



HS700 Drone App Control



Headless Mode

First-time flying a drone? No worries! You don't have to be a pro to fly this drone because this is perfect for beginners as well. If you're not an expert pilot, it doesn't mean you can't fly a drone.

Headless Mode allows the drone to fly according to the movements and direction of the controller so you can now control the drone easier without the need to tweak the controller. Just move the controller to any directions and the drone will fly according to it.



HS700 Drone Headless Mode



Altitude Hold

Aside from all these amazing features, this drone is also capable of hovering steadily in the air through its Altitude Hold function. The drone maintains its altitude to get perfect aerial shots and better results on video recording. So, if you are looking for the best selfie drone, then this is definitely one of the reasons why you should choose HS700 FHD selfie drone.



HS700 Drone Altitude Hold




It doesn't stop there. This model has a lot more to offer and this time- it's the hardware.  The innovation of this model is more than just a drone with a built-in camera. It is crafted well from each of its parts to its functions. The drone is made with brushless motor, thus, it's capable to exhibit a steady, quiet, but fast flight.



HS700 Drone Brushless Motor




  • 1920 x 1080p drone camera

  • 1,000-meter RC drone range

  • 400-meter WiFi FPV

  • Durable brushless motor

  • 4-channel control

  • Custom flight path design

  • Altitude hold, follow-me mode

  • 25kmph speed

  • GPS flight and auto return

  • Low power alarm

  • Full HD drone video

  • Simple control perfect for beginners



  • 1 x Selfie drone

  • 1 x Drone camera

  • 8 x Propeller

  • 2 x Landing gear

  • 1 x Remote controller

  • 1 x Battery

  • 1 x Phone holder

  • 1 x Balance charger

  • 1 x Charge transfer box

  • 1 x USB

  • 1 x Screwdriver

  • 1 x Propeller spanner

  • 1 x User manual

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