2-Kg Payload Mini Flying Drone Retractable Landing Gear

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Searching for a mini drone that can carry multiple payloads?

Do you need a drone that can be multitasking?

From thermal scanning and drone photography to surveying, media coverage, and payload delivery, quadcopter drones perform multiple functions. How about having a quadcopter drone that can do all these?

Imagine, you have a mini drone with camera. Even you can somehow use it to carry a few things, it is not able to land with the payload for not having landing gears. Also, being an exclusive drone for photography, it has very less payload capacity.

Here is the 2-Kg Payload Mini Flying Drone Retractable Landing Gear, a drone that is tailor-made for multitasking, including carrying payloads.

With its retractable landing gear, it has space to carry any payload up to 2kg, be it your camera, grocery, surveying tools, publicity material, and even emergency medicines or blood for transfusion.

With a takeoff weight of 6 kg, it is the perfect UAV you need for personal drone services. The carbon fiber gives the drone high strength, high agility, and high stability. It is also among the longer flying drones and can stay in the air for 23 minutes.

Why This Payload Mini Drone

  • Multitasking payload
  • Longer flying time
  • Easy to operate
  • 6-axis stability
  • EVO arm frame kit
  • Payload safety due to the landing gear
  • Green and red LED lights for night flying


  • 1 x Central drone unit
  • 6pcs x EVO arm
  • 6pcs x Propeller
  • 1 x Retractable landing gear
  • 1 x Battery
Due to OVERWHELMING DEMAND, please allow at least 2-4 weeks for delivery.