Wingsland M5 GPS Brushless FPV Drone With HD Camera

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If you are looking for a camera drone that will best suit your lifestyle, then you need a drone that has smart features and can capture your moments while you enjoy your adventure! If you want to experience an advanced flight performance from a remote-controlled quadcopter, then this brushless drone is the perfect one for you!

The M5 drone is packed with a lot of amazing features including smart sensors, high-definition camera, and a long-lasting battery to provide you with an ultimate entertainment as you fly the aircraft. Plus! You will experience a levelled-up flight performance through its smart modes.



M5 GPS Brushless FPV Drone With 720P Camera



Entertaining Flight Speed 

Enjoy an ultimate flying performance with up to 12m/s of flight speed with this camera drone. It is built to outdo regular drones in terms of speed and performance so you can make the most out of its features. This portable drone is smaller compared to most drones but it's definitely not weaker as it has a commendable flying speed that you will surely enjoy.



M5 Drone Fast Speed



Easy To Control

Equipped with GPS and WiFi transmitter, you can control the drone accurately using the app or its remote controller without delays. The drone can send and receive signals as far as 500 meters away from the controller with a lesser chance of interruption.



M5 Drone Remote Control



Anti-Shake Structure

Taking exceptional aerial shots is now made easier with this drone's anti-shake structure. No more blurry images caused by shaky and unstable flight while taking pictures. This feature will let the drone produce the best quality of photographs with less effort in keeping the drone steady.



M5 Drone Anti Shake



First-Person View

See the world in bird's eyes through FPV mode. This feature allows the drone to transmit real-time footage caught by the aircraft so you can see what's ahead and control the drone in a more immersive way.



M5 Drone First Person View



Smart Control Features

What's more about this drone is that it's not perfect for professional pilots but also great for beginners. Its intelligent system control allows the pilot to set the drone into safe flights like altitude holding mode to prevent it from crashing to the ground and Point of Interest mode which allows the drone to fly on autopilot and circle around a specific reference spot while maintaining a constant distance from it.



M5 Drone Smart One-Key take-off Point Of Interest Return to Home



App Control

The M5 drone can be controlled using two options- remote control and app control. With the app control, you can make the most out of its smart features like the immersive FPV mode through your tablet or smartphone.



M5 Drone App Control



Portable Design

With its travel-friendly size, this quadcopter comes in a lightweight and compact design which makes it easy to bring anywhere you go. Plus! Its propellers are easy to install so you can take it off or attach with less time and effort.



M5 Drone Portable Design



Long-Lasting Battery

You won't be left hanging anymore when the entertainment is just starting. With its high-performance battery, it can last up to 17 minutes of flight time which is doubled compared to regular drones.



M5 Drone Long Lasting Battery



Superior Build and Parts

The M5 drone also boasts its brushless motors and integrated ESC which makes the overall build of this aircraft more powerful than a normal drone. This reveals the secret behind its noteworthiness in terms of speed and flight performance.



M5 Drone Brushless Integrated ESC



Powerful Propulsion

Another great thing about this drone is its ability to hover stably no matter how extreme is the flight. This is because of its excellent propulsion system which ensures the stability of its flight.



M5 Drone Propulsion System



Product Features:

  • Point of interest to circle around a specific target
  • Intelligent return to home function for secured flight
  • Follow Me function
  • GPS navigation system
  • One key take-off 
  • An ultrasonic and optical flow positioning system
  • Low voltage protection
  • Built-in GPS in the remote controller


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Drone
  • 1 x Remote Controller
  • 1 x Battery
  • 1 x Pair of Spare Propeller
  • 1 x Charger Set
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Manual



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