XY017HW WIFI Quadcopter Drone With 2MP Wide Angle Camera




Have you tried flying a quadcopter that has all the bells and whistles such as one? The wide-angle 720p camera will make sure you catch all the action with a crystal clear image. You’ll be able to do crazy 360-degree 3D stunts and make a video that truly stands out, all while having an option of 3 speeds of flying.

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XY017HW WIFI Quadcopter Drone With 2MP Wide Angle Camera



First-Person View

Get clear live footage of the bird's eye with its FPV feature. Its wide-angle camera can be displayed on your phone through its app. With this mode, you can now see more of your surroundings and get the best angle that will give you the perfect aerial shots of your area.



XY017HW Drone Wide Angle Camera



Altitude Holding

No more blurred photos! This drone has an altitude hold feature that lets itself hover on a stable height and position in the air to ensure you get the best quality of your shots without blurry spots caused by shaking drone or vibrations.



XY017HW Drone Altitude Holding



VR Headset Compatibility

Compatible with a Virtual Reality headset, you can get immersed more to the aerial view of you surrounding plus you can set it with the FPV of its wide-angle camera so you will see more than what photography offers.



XY017HW Drone VR Headset



Gravity Control

This drone has a gravity sensing feature that will let you control the drone in a safer flight to ensure its flight is in constant height and prevent the device from crashing to the ground. This allows you to get informed when you are flying the drone at a very low altitude.



XY017HW Drone Gravity Control



Compact Design

Its arms are completely foldable thus it's very easy to store and carry anywhere you go. You can now take aerial shots of all your special moments with the XY017HW quadcopter. Be entertained and be amazed by this wide-angle camera drone.



XY017HW Drone Compact Design



Built-In LED Lights

For pilots who are afraid to fly their drones at night, this is the drone that you will enjoy even during night time. It has built-in LED lights that are very visible in the dark so that you can fly the drone without worrying if it will suddenly go out of sight plus you can confidently enjoy the flight.



XY017HW Drone Built-In LED Lights


One-Key On/Off

Are you a beginner or first-timer who is not yet sure how to manually a drone? No worries! This drone has one-key take-off feature which means you can easily start flying it with just one key and it will automatically fly with stability. It also has a one-key landing feature to prevent it from crashing while landing.



XY017HW one key take off landing



Product Features:

  • Altitude Hold – assures you’ll create great shots with this drone helicopter
  • 720p Wide Angle Camera
  • Headless Mode - solves a loss of orientation problem when flying our selfie drone
  • One Key Return - find the way home easily
  • 6-Axis Gyro - provides a stable flight for great drone video
  • 3 speeds of flying
  • 360-degree omnidirectional 3D stunts - great agility for aerial stunts
  • LED lights – increases visibility at night and makes your flying way cooler
  • Indoor / Outdoor Flying Ready


Package Includes:

  • 1 * XIANGYU XY017HW RC Quadcopter
  • 1 * 3.7V 900MAH Battery
  • 1 * USB Cable
  • 4 * Propeller
  • 1 * User Manual
  • 1 * Transmitter


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