4K Dual Camera Drone


 Best mini 4K dual-camera drone now at your doorstep

There are a lot of good remote control drones available in the market, and it's hard to make a choice when it comes to purchasing one. From overall pricing to different camera specifications, operating the device, and handling the gadget, it's important to do in-depth research based on your requirements and excellence. 

Today, we show you the newly launched beast 4K Dual Camera Drone. 

A True Uncompromising Beast

Unlike other camera drones that fail to fulfill your expectations, this dual-camera drone never compromises with its top-performing features. It has a 4K rotational dual HD camera, safe propellers to ensure a safe landing, high-strength quadcopters fuselage, brushless motors, and of course, durability.

Whether you're a beginner, an intermediate, or a professional, this small masterpiece is a ready-to-purchase drone for all. What's more, it comes with multiple color flashlights for different weather conditions.


A One-in-All Excellent Innovation

This 4K Dual Camera Drone carries special features best to its reputation. A one-in-all beast offering perfect flight controls, remote controls, photography, videography, sensitivity, and stability, it is indeed a highly defined gadget for professionals especially, travel bloggers.


Uncompromising Specs and UX

The flight mode enabling its stability makes this drone a perfect accompany for beginners. With just a single button to take off/return home features, it smartly notifies you with the low-battery alarm system. The one key ensures your drone's locational safety. Thus, you no longer need to worry about its whereabouts.

With its advanced charging storage, the battery fuels up to 15 minutes of flight time. 

Smart 360° Round Fly Feature

Controlling the drone while it's moving and keeping the camera focused altogether is quite a tedious and tricky task. But with this drone's optical flow positioning, trajectory flight mode, you neither have to worry about your drone's flight controls nor about its camera operations. Click the right button to take off, track the drone, and activate the orbital mode.

You get to capture sharp, crisp, and stunning pictures from any angles you desire.

Smart Foldable Design and Anti-Shake Gimbal Mechanism

The drone features a few more mind-blowing specifications like the electronic self-stabilizing gimbal mechanism, preventing photos and videos from unwanted shakes or vibrations. The camera has an amazing anti-shake lens that records and captures moments without any unwanted movements.

This 14*14*4.5 cm dimensioned drone has a smart foldable design, making it compact and portable

Craft That Delivers Quality

Several in-depth research and developments have resulted in the innovation of this drone. The 4K HD dual camera is capable of pan-tilt movements and adjustable to 45°. It also contains 120° wide angled lenses to cover the most in your frame.

Comes with a Convenient Portable Bag

Pack your things when wrapping up in an in-store convenient bag customized specially for this model.

Mobile App Controlled Features

The 2.4G Wifi function can access the mobile app and APK system to capture photos/videos and transmit them through mobile phone cameras. 

The 2.4GHz technology comprises low-powerand over-power protection with wind resistance features. You can fly them in any direction with the advanced remote control features. 

The six-axis gyroscopes ensure more stability in flight movements.




  • Aircraft: *1
  • Remote Transmitter: *1
  • Personalized battery: *1
  • A spare wind leaf
  • USB Cable: *1
  • Screwdriver: *1
  • User Manual: *1
  • Built-in HD Camera: *1
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