F62 Foldable Drone With 4K Camera And Voice Control

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If you love taking photos for your travel or recording aerial footages of the places you go to, then what you need is a portable drone that has an HD camera just like this F62 foldable drone. Equipped with a 4K camera, this drone is loaded with awesome features and it comes in a compact design so that you can take it with you anytime and anywhere. Capture every special moment in high-definition with the intelligent features of this on-the-go quadcopter.



F62 Foldable Drone With 4K HD Camera And Voice Control



Real-Time FPV

Want an immersive flight control? See the drone's footage in real-time using First-Person View mode. The drone can transmit instant footage to the controller's display screen. With this feature, you can fly your drone by looking at what its camera can actually see so you can control it in a more entertaining way.



F62 Drone Real-Time FPV



Long-Lasting Flight

Enjoy more of this aircraft's amazing feature and don't stop so soon because this drone model is equipped with a 3.7V modular battery. It can fly steadily without interruptions due to its battery suddenly running out. This drone can surely survive in the long run.



F62 Drone Long Lasting Battery



Dual Camera

It is also equipped with two cameras for taking pictures and for optical flow so you can capture every special moment in an excellent quality than ever. With its light stream positioning hover system, this drone has an anti-shaking feature which secures the aircraft's altitude and position so you get the perfect shots when capturing breathtaking photographs. Get the best pictures anywhere you go with its 4K HD Camera.



F62 Drone Dual Camera



VR Compatibility

You can also level-up the game if you want the flight to get more immersive. Just connect it with VR Goggles and you're good to go. You can use it to see the real-time FPV of the drone's footage so you clearly see what the aircraft can cover in its whole flight duration.



F62 Drone VR Goggles



App Control

Enjoy smart features from F62 Drone when you switch on app control mode. Just connect through your tablet or smartphone. Compatible with almost any iOS and Android devices, you can do more and enjoy more when flying the drone.



F62 Drone App Control



Voice Command

Go hands-free with this intelligent voice command feature. Use your voice to control the drone and unlock different modes. Taking the drone game to the next level, the voice control feature is not available to regular drones making the F62 Drone extraordinary.



F62 Drone Voice Command



Adjustable Speed

Take awesome aerial shots or race with other drones, this quadcopter has three-gear speed levels so you can adjust the right amount of speed that will best suit your activity. Fly it with other drones as it can go as fast as 12 m/s, therefore, you can also use it for your extreme outdoor activities.



F62 Drone Adjustable Speed



Follow Me Mode

Enjoy your moment and capture it using your drone without having to hold the controller. The aircraft can recognize you and follow you setting you as a point of reference. Just show a V-sign and the drone will automatically follow you while maintaining a constant distance away from you.



F62 Drone Follow Me Mode



Gesture Recognition

Take a selfie or record a video in hands-free mode using gesture recognition. This feature allows the drone to automatically take photos or videos when it recognize certain hand gestures thus making it even easier for pilots to take some shots without using the app or remote control.



F62 Drone Gesture Recognition



Adjustable Camera

No more struggle in aiming for the perfect shot. This drone's camera is adjustable by 90 degrees so you can easily set the right angle for any view. Take awesome photographs with its adjustable 4K Camera and be amazed by the result.



F62 Drone Adjustable Camera



Compact Design

Save your special moments. Be always on-the-go with F62 Drone as it comes in a portable design so you can easily store it in a small bag and bring anywhere you go. With this quadcopter, every moment is definitely special.


F62 Drone Foldable Portable



Product Features:

  • Altitude hold mode, Headless mode, and one-touch take-off/landing make drone control easier for beginners.
  • The drone will automatically return when the battery is low or if it loses the signal. 
  • Circling Flight: 360 ° surround loop around the phone, you can turn on the high definition aerial photography function at the same time and shoot movies with different angles. 
  • Headless Mode and Flight Marking: Completely resolve the pilot's loss of orientation problems and the drone will fly according to the flight you have marked. 
  • 0.3MP / 16MP ( 4K ) Wide Angle Camera
  • Flight Path: After setting the waypoint, you can also click the waypoint to set the waypoint height. 


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Aircraft 
  • 1 x Remote Control 
  • 6 x Blades 
  • 4 x Tripod 
  • 6 x Protective frame 
  • 1 x USB charging line
  • 1 x Screwdriver


Due to OVERWHELMING DEMAND, please allow at least 2-4 weeks for delivery.


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