WingsLand S6 Ultra Portable Folding Drone With 4K Camera




Not only is this pocket drone capable of being folded up but it also comes in a case that makes it easier to transport. It is as small as your phone, but can do so much more! When you buy this mini drone, there’s nothing that you have to put together. It comes ready to fly!



WingsLand S6 Ultra Portable Folding Drone With 4K Camera



Ultra High Definition Camera

This 4K dronesports an impressive 1080P HD camera that will make stunning aerial imaginary. 4k resolution camera makes this drone amazing for recording beautiful videos. The Wingsland S6 drone is a good buy for anyone looking for an affordable, lightweight unit capable of capturing great quality images.



WingsLand S6 Drone Ultra HD 4k Camera



Obstacle Detection Technology

With the infrared detector, it can calculate and avoid external obstacles from the left, right, front, back, and upside. With this feature, you can go on a carefree flight and just enjoy flying the drone without worries.



WingsLand S6 Drone Obstacle Detection



Small But Powerful

Although this drone comes in a small and compact design, it is fully competitive from other drones as it's equipped with premium features that you can't easily find from regular drones, making itself powerful despite its size and one of a kind.



Wingsland S6 Pocket Selfie Quadcopter FPV 4K UHD 6 Axis Gyro GPS Obstacle Avoidance Smart Extensions- Orange



App Control

This drone can be controlled in two modes- through the remote control or app control via smartphone. With App Control, you can easily edit and share photos and videos that are captured directly from the drone. Plus, the app has a flight simulator that lets you master the controls and level up your piloting skill.



WingsLand S6 Drone App Control



Upgraded Entertainment

Want to get more out of your drone? A surprise feature that makes this drone unique is its exclusive compatibility to get accessorized with a Bomb Gun. It's a fun way to use your drone as a game tool that will surely make every parties and gaming days more fun.



Wingsland S6 Pocket Selfie Quadcopter FPV 4K UHD 6 Axis Gyro GPS Obstacle Avoidance Smart Extensions- Orange



Built-In LED Lights

Afraid to fly your drone in the night? You don't have to hold back the entertainment anymore! Fly your drone anytime you want even during night time. This drone is equipped with built-in LED Lights thus making itself visible during night flights.



Wingsland S6 Drone Built-In LED Lights



Fun Accessories

Don't settle with just a plain drone. Level up your communications in a fun and unique way. This WingsLand S6 drone can be equipped with an expression board so that you can use the drone to communicate or express your thoughts. It's an interesting and fun way to send messages in the air.



Wingsland S6 Pocket Selfie Quadcopter FPV 4K UHD 6 Axis Gyro GPS Obstacle Avoidance Smart Extensions- Orange



Autopilot Modes

Capture your extreme or fun activities without having to manually control your drone. This aircraft has a feature called Follow Me Mode which allows itself to fly on autopilot by recognizing a specific subject and follow it no matter where it goes while maintaining a constant distance away from it. It also has a waypoint flight mode which allows the pilot to set waypoints where the drone will automatically fly to.



Wingsland S6 Drone Follow Me Mode



One-Key Take-Off and Landing

This drone is perfect for both professionals and beginners. With its one-key take-off and one-key landing modes, you don't have to manually control the drone to start its flight or land when done. With just one push of the button, it will automatically start flying or land.



Wingsland S6 Drone One-Kay Take-Off Landing



Safe-Flight Modes

Being a drone that's perfect for beginners, it's also equipped with lock modes that will make itself easy to control to perform safe flights. Its course lock mode allows the drone to fly precisely in a fixed direction. This is best used when flying in narrow areas to ensure its stability in terms of directions. The home lock mode, on the other hand, allows the drone to go back to its saved home location when the control stick is pulled backwards. 



Wingsland S6 Drone Route Lock Mode



Dual Mode Positioning

The drone can hover accurately in a balanced flight altitude no matter where it is. It can be positioned either in the outdoor or indoor as it is equipped with dual GPS system for outdoor positioning while infrared and optical flow for indoor positioning.



Wingsland S6 Drone Dual Mode Positioning



Product Features:

  • Camera - Stunning 4K 30P and 1080P 60P HD Video
  • Pocket drone with GPS, Compass, Barometer, 6-Axis Gyro
  • Omnidirectional Obstacle Avoidance
  • One-Click Return to Home Feature
  • Course-Lock Mode
  • Home-Lock Mode
  • Orbit Feature
  • Follow Me Feature – making it a perfect follow me drone
  • Outdoor Auto Hovering
  • Sense and Avoid
  • Professional Brushless Motion


Package Includes:

  • 1 * Drone 
  • 1 * Charger
  • 4 * Spare Propeller 
  • 1 * English Manual
  • 1 * Battery


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