MJX Bugs Quadcopter Drone With 1080P HD Camera and 5G WIFI




With 5G WIFI 1080P, this is the best buy drone camera if you’re really serious about the quality of your images and video.

This selfie drone has a new generation two-way 2.4Ghz remote control to enhance distance control of the transmitter to 200-300 meters for the ultimate flying experience.



Bugs 5W Drone 5G 1080p FPV Drone



1080p HD Camera

Bugs 5W assures to give you high-quality photos and videos with its built-in 1080p HD Camera. It aims to provide you with the best shots and produce stunning videos that will capture every special moment you have. If you love taking high-quality pictures, then this is your go-to camera drone.



Bugs 5W Drone 1080p HD Camera



5G/WIFI Real-Time FPV Flight

Enjoy a First-Person View of the drone's aerial coverage through MJX Go App. See the sceneries captured by the drone in real-time using either 5G or Wifi on your smartphone. No more waiting time! Fly your drone and see the beautiful view from the top instantly and up to it reaches the preferred altitude.



MJX Bugs 5W ( B5W ) WiFi FPV 1080P Camera / Waypoints / Point of Interest / Altitude Hold / One Key Follow RC Drone- Black 1 Battery



Brushless Motor

Hate the loud buzzing sound you hear on recorded videos from drones?  Or, perhaps you don't want anyone to notice your drone when in flight? Well, this drone is the answer to your dilemma! Bugs 5W is built with a brushless motor so that it will fly flawlessly fast and quiet.



Bugs 5W Drone Brushless Motor



LED Lights

Afraid to fly the drone at night? Worry no more! You can fly this drone anytime you want! It is designed with built-in LED lights so that it is visible even during dark hours. This drone does not only boasts its HD Camera but as well as exceed the limits of the regular drones.



Bugs 5W Drone LED Lights



Altitude Hold

Ever experienced flying a drone that will randomly change elevations. This model is unlike your regular drone. Bugs 5W is capable of flying on a stable flight maintaining a fixed altitude to make sure it produces clean and sharp aerial shots.



MJX Bugs 5W Drone Altitude Hold



Follow Me Mode 

What's exciting about this model is the autopilot features available to make everything easier but more stimulating. It has a Follow Me feature where it will fly without the need for commands or controls. Where will it head to? Anywhere you will go! This drone will recognize your presence and movements and then it will automatically follow your directions. It's the perfect camera drone for capturing hardcore outdoor activities!



Bugs 5W Drone Follow Me Mode



One-Key Return/Landing

This feature is also an autopilot mode where the drone will fly independently back to the saved home location in just one toggle. This One-Key Return and Landing mode is perfect in case you lost sight of your drone or you're too tired to control it back to you. 



MJX Bugs 5W Drone One Key Return



Point of Interest

If you want your drone to circle around over a target location, you don't have to manually direct it to fly around the spot. You can just use its Point of Interest mode so it will automatically fly around in clockwise over the chosen point. This feature helps a lot if you want to guard or look for something in a specific area.



Bugs 5W Drone Point of Interest



Waypoints Fly

Another autopilot feature that this drone is capable of is flying independently through saved waypoints. This mode allows the pilot to set waypoints in the surroundings and these will serve as stopping zones for the drone. You can use the same waypoints over and over again any time you want.



MJX Bugs 5W Drone Waypoints Flight



Built-In Gimbal

Capable of shooting high-quality videos and images, this drone is powered by a handheld gimbal to control the stability of the camera so that it's free from vibrations and shaking while taking photographs or recording videos. It is by far one of the best camera drones in the market.



MJX Bugs 5W Drone Gimbal



Headless Mode

What makes this drone interesting is that it's not just for pro pilots but it is as well user-friendly especially to beginners because of its Headless Mode feature. This function allows the drone to follow every movement and direction from the controller. When this mode is on, the drone will automatically move according to the direction of the controller so the pilot can easily control the drone even with just one hand.



MJX Bugs 5W Drone Headless Mode




Another feature of this drone that makes it perfect for beginners is its Auto-Return Function. This feature automatically activates when the drone loses signal or out of control and returns to its initial position. It makes the drone safe from losing or crashing thus saving itself from unwanted damages.



Bugs 5W Drone Auto Return




  • Remote Control with 2.4Ghz Two-way Communication

  • 5G WIFI 1080P Camera

  • GPS Positioning: with GPS - enable to hover more accurately and realize the function of follow me, one-key return, surrounding mode and etc

  • 1500KV Brushless Motor - provides strong power for the aircraft

  • Follow Me Drone – the quadcopter follows you, recording every moment at a certain distance

  • LED lights – increases visibility at night and makes your flying way cooler

  • One Key Return and GPS - find the way home easily

  • Altitude Holding


Package Includes:

  • 1 * MJX Bugs 5W RC Quadcopter

  • 1 * 1080P 5G Camera

  • 1 * 7.4V 1800mAh Li-po Battery

  • 1 * Transmitter

  • 2 * Pairs of Spare Propeller

  • 1 * Phone Holder

  • 1 * Screwdriver Tool Set

  • 1 * USB Plug and Balance Charger

  • 1 * Sticker

  • 1 * User Manual     





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