X220 Carbon Fiber Framed FPV Racing Mini Drone




Are you looking for a drone that can fly at a super-fast speed? Then, it should be powered with a brushless motor and be lightweight than ever! Introducing the X220 racing drone. It is built with a carbon fiber frame, therefore, it weighs very lightly and able to perform a very fast and stable flight. With this powerful racing quadcopter, get ready to rule the race!



X220 Carbon Fiber Framed FPV Racing Mini Drone



Premium Build

This drone is supported with BLHeli ESC firmware making it very smooth to control its speed and hover steadily without delays between the controller and drone. With this, you can easily make sudden changes in its speed without causing damage to the aircraft in the long run.



X220 Drone Brushless ESC



Remarkable Speed

What more can you ask from a racing drone if not its incredible speed and responsiveness? With its body built with carbon fiber, its weight is super light that makes it, even more, faster in flight. It can definitely show a great performance with a speed of up to 75 mph. 


x220 Drone Fast Racing Drone


Upgraded Version

With this new build, you can easily assemble or disassemble its convertible parts so that you will always be on-the-go. Its design and build are made to make it easy to maintain and always ready to race. Bring it anywhere you go and race with other drones!



X220 Drone New Design



Incredible First-Person View

Equipped with 5.8 G FPV system, this drone is capable of transmitting real-time crystal clear footage to the display screen or FPV goggles. See your surroundings and beat other drones in the race by installing its clover antenna and switch to FPV mode. Be immersed and enjoy the race!

X220 Drone FPV

Adjustable Camera

Want more amazing features? This racing drone has an adjustable camera so you can easily control its First-Person View mode and see more of the surroundings. No more hassle in hovering the drone to random directions just to get a nice view for the camera. Just adjust the camera angle through the controller and you are good to go.



X220 Drone Adjustable Camera



Built-In LED Lights

Afraid of losing your drone? That's one reason why most pilots don't fly their aircraft during night time. Worry no more! This drone is equipped with bright LED lights so you can easily spot it in the dark. Fly it anytime and anywhere you want!

X220 Drone Built In LED lights




No more sticking to what's already set up. You can always upgrade this do-it-yourself drone to a more dynamic version. It's compatible with almost any types of sports camera including Go Pro. You can also change its propellers up to 5 inches long. With this racing drone, almost anything is upgradeable so you can always make the most out of it.



X220 Drone DIY



Product Features:

  • Compatible with a maximum 5-inch propeller 
  • Compatible with 2206 engine, 2208 
  • Can be used with a 4 S / 3 S battery 
  • With protection function 
  • With LED indicator direction 
  • Basic engine design inclined
  • Superfast speed 
  • Removable protection motor base
  • Super lightweight carbon fiber frame


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Eachine Wizard X220
  • 2 x 2205 KV2300 brushless motor CW
  • 2 x 2205 KV2300 brushless motor CCW
  • 4 x Eachine 20A BLHELI_S ESC
  • 10 x Kingkong 5040 3-blade propeller purple CW
  • 10 x Kingkong 5040 3-blade propeller purple CCW
  • 1 x F3 6DOF flight controller
  • 1 x 700TVL camera
  • 1 x 5.8G 40CH 200mw transmitter
  • 1 x Antenna
  • 1 x Battery strap
  • 2 x Wrench



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