JJRC H73 Drone with 800 Meters Flying Range and Adjustable 2K Camera

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Do you love awesome photography? Do you want to take your drone to farther places? Then, this JJRC H73 Drone with 800 Meter Flying Range and Adjustable 2K Camera is the perfect drone for you! It comes with a lot of amazing features plus it is designed with a compact and portable style so that you can bring it anywhere you want.



JJRC H73 Drone with 800 Meter Flying Range and Adjustable 2K Camera



Flight Radius

This drone boasts its smart features that allow the pilot to go hands-free. It has a feature that lets the drone fly on autopilot around a specific spot called the point of interest. This is perfect for pilots who want to perform search around a specific area.



JJRC H73 Drone Point of Interest



Follow Me

Isn't it amazing if you can do your activities and capture every moment without having to manually control your drone? This can be done through Follow Me mode. This feature will also allow the drone to go autopilot and follow you wherever you go.



JJRC H73 Drone Follow Me Mode



Altitude Holding

Get the perfect aerial shots without blurs caused by unstable flight by the drone. This drone has altitude hold feature that makes its every hover stable and balanced by keeping the drone maintain a constant and on-point altitude when flying in the air.



JJRC H73 Drone Altitude Holding



Angled Camera

The camera of this drone is vertically adjustable thus you can now get the perfect angle to achieve amazing photography. Unlike other drones where you have to adjust the flight altitude to get the right angle, you can control the right camera angle of this drone without adjusting the flight altitude or position.



JJRC H73 Drone Angled Camera



High-Definition Camera

Experience high-quality images and video recordings with the 2k Camera of JJRC H73. This drone can capture ultra-clear images and transmit its live feed through 5G WiFi Connectivity. Truly Full HD quality is what you can get from this drone. It is what every camera drone enthusiasts would love.



JJRC H73 Drone 2k Full HD Camera



One-Key Return

No problem getting your drone back in case it goes out of sight. Just turn on the Return-To-Home function and the drone will automatically fly back to its saved home location using autopilot mode so that you don't have to manually control it.



JJRC H73 Drone One Key Return To Home



Headless Mode

This drone is not only for professional pilots but it is also perfect for beginners because it has a feature called Headless Mode. This mode allows the pilot to fly the drone using movements and directions. You don't have manually use the controller's buttons and joysticks. Just hold the controller with your hand and sway it to your preferred direction that the drone will fly to. Then the drone will fly according to your hand movements and directions.



JJRC H73 Drone Headless Mode



App Control

Two options to control the drone makes flying this device more fun. You can control it through its remote control but you can also fly it using your mobile phone through App thus you can use the First-Person View mode and other amazing features.



JJRC H73 Drone App Control



Smart Controller

The remote control of this drone is also ready to get your drone on a safe flight. It's a smart controller that will notify you once the drone's battery is low as well as when the drone is out of coverage or having a weak signal so that you won't accidentally lose control over the drone.



JJRC H73 Drone Smart Controller



Built-In LED Lights

You can also enjoy flying the quadcopter device even during the night. It has built-in LED lights that allow the drone to be visible when there is no present sunlight. With this drone, you don't have to set the time when to use it. Anytime is perfect.



JJRC H73 Drone Built In LED Lights



Long-Lasting Modular Battery

Go beyond the limits. The JJRC H73 Drone is equipped with 7.6V module-designed battery that can last up to 15 minutes of flight time. While regular drones can fly with an average of 8 minutes in the air, this drone can last longer than most of them thus giving you more of the entertainment you deserve.



JJRC H73 Drone long flight time



LCD Screen Controller Display

Another feature you'll love from its smart controller is that it has built-in LCD Display that will allow you to see the environment around the drone so you can easily control the quadcopter and prevent it from crashing to obstacles while in flight. 



JJRC H73 Drone LCD Display Controller



Main Features:

  • The global positioning system offers a carefree flight
  • Point of interest, allowing your aircraft to rotate clockwise continuously around the predefined point
  • Follow me, the plane will automatically follow you and capture your movement with a particular aerial view
  • Barometer altitude hold + 2K full HD video recording mode, making aerial photography brighter
  • Mechanical stability of the Cardan reducing jolts and keeping the shots stable effectively
  • Return to a key + headless mode, making the flight easier, especially for beginners
  • Module designed LiPo battery with an energy-optimized system gives you a greatly improved flight experience
  • A bright LED flashlight makes it easier to fly at night like daytime flying



Package Includes:

  • 1 x RC Drone
  • 1 x Transmitter
  • 1 x Lipo Battery
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 4 x Helix
  • 1 x Manual




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