CG033 GPS Altitude Hold Folding Drone With 1080P Camera




Are you looking for a portable drone that makes it easy for you to carry as a regular smartphone? A portable quadcopter that also gives you control over what you film or snap from the sky above. Well, what is the best drone you could possibly have? Introducing CG033 GPS Altitude Hold Folding Drone With 1080P Camera!

Its tiny body and flexible blades make this adorable quad small and ultra-portable. This portable little drone is simple to fly at any level. Its beginner-friendly features include Altitude Hold and One-Key takeoff and landing. In addition, the lightweight foldable design makes it easy to take anywhere and that makes it the best budget pick. 



CG033 GPS Altitude Hold Folding Drone With 1080P Camera



High-Definition Camera 

This quadcopter drone with its set of features puts earlier older models to shame in terms of video quality and stabilization. It has a 1080P Wifi HD Camera with a scientific anti-shake feature that will allow you to take the best shot without worrying about strong winds. It also allows you to change the shooting angles.



CG033 Drone 1080p HD Camera



Gesture Photo and Video

Worried that your shot might be blurry on air? No worries! the drone has an HD autofocus that will make your shot as clear as possible while in aerial vision. Plus! You don't have to hold anything and worry about how you will take a shot using your drone. With just a few gestures, you will be able to take the best shot and record your best moments. 



CG033 Drone Autofocus Gesture Photo Video

CG033 Drone Gesture Video


Long-Lasting Battery

The drone has a high-energy-density lithium battery that boosts the power up to 20 minutes flight time so that the flight will be more enjoyable and you don't have to stop when the fun has just started.



CG033 Drone Long Lasting Battery



Fixed Boundary

This model is also equipped with electric fence mode. You can set a specific fly range so that when the drone flies beyond the set area, it will automatically return in autopilot. Thus, you don’t ever have to worry about losing your drone.



CG033 Drone Electric Fence



Waypoints Flight

Another cool feature this drone has is the way-point flight mode. You can simply set its trajectory flight by drawing the path on the phone APP. The drone will automatically fly according to the set destination and route. Note: Always check if there are any obstacles along the route before setting the mode.



CG033 Drone Trajectory Flight



Follow Me Mode

This unique feature allows the drone to follow the controller wherever it goes. When the follow mode is on, the drone will move relative to the mobile phone. The controller is the reference therefore, if it moves to a direction, the drone will also move to the same direction maintaining the same distance from the controller.



CG033 Drone Follow Me Mode



Adjustable Speed

You can set and control the speed of the aircraft that best suits you. You can easily slow down or speed it up anytime you want. Therefore, you can fly the drone according to your activity whether you like to get excellent photography of an aerial view or race with other drones.



CG033 Drone Adjustable Speed



Compact Design

The aircraft comes in a compact four-machine axial folding design, which makes it very easy to bring to your next adventure yet it still guarantees a stable flight even with its convertible design. It is as small and compact as your mobile phone thus you can easily carry it around with just one hand.



CG033 Drone Portable Compact



Point Of Interest

Another great feature offered by this quadcopter device is its Point of Interest Mode. This feature allows the drone to fly on autopilot and circle around a specific area and targeting a centred spot while maintaining a constant radius relative to it.



CG033 Drone Point of Interest



Smart Return

Pilots can also set a home location through GPS. With this, the drone will automatically return to the set location in case of communication interruption or unexpected low power while in flight.



CG033 Drone automatic Return



Powerful Motor

This aircraft is equipped with a brushless motor to ensure a flawless flight and good device condition in the long run. Its powerful motor also allows the pilot to gain perfect control of the drone's flight.



CG033 Drone Brushless Motor



Product Features:

  • With/without a camera —1080P HD gimbal camera
  • 6-Axis Gyro - the fly system makes a more stable and flexible flight
  • Headless Mode – no need to adjust the position of our mini-drone before flying
  • Altitude Hold – provides great shots
  • One Key Return
  • Speed Control – easily adjustable different speeds
  • Gesture photo/Video – take a photo by a gesture
  • Follow me function – this makes our selfie drone follow remote controller for easy flight control
  • One Key Take Off/Landing
  • Electric Fence – making the control of your drone safe and easy
  • Brushless Motor - provides strong power for the aircraft
  • Control distance - two-way 2.4GHz technology provides our drone helicopter with a distance up to 300 meters


Package Includes:

  • 1x Transmitter
  • 1x 11.1V 1500mAh Lipo Battery(built-in)
  • 1x CG033 Quadcopter
  • 7.4v x Balance charger
  • 4x Propeller



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