X9PS 4K Camera Drone with 2-Axis Gimbal and FPV


Beginner-Friendly Drone with Professional Features

Picking an RC quadrotor to enter the niche of drone flying is not as easy as it looks. Finding an intermediary drone with beginner-friendly features and professional specs for long-term usage is challenging. In such cases, the X9PS 4K Camera Drone comes to the rescue with its Safety Controls and Advanced Features. It works as an excellent drone to introduce new users to flight controls and giving them the professional features to practice and hone their skills. It is a fact that new users will inevitably make mistakes during flight. However, the drone’s Protective Chassis will resist damage, and Automated Features will facilitate complex maneuvers. 

New and Upgraded X9PS 4K Camera Drone 

The X9PS 4K camera drone is the modernized successor of X9P. It features the Upgraded Model 1504 Brushless Motors that are quieter, more efficient, and produce less heat. It is lighter, with a total weight of 249g. The improvements also give the quadrotor an impressive flight time. 

The drone uses an 11.4V 1000mAh 3S Li-Po Battery and takes almost 90 Minutes to Recharge. The Modular Battery Design makes it easy to change the battery. 

Upgraded X9PS 4K Camera Drone

Advanced Integrated Features

One would expect a drone marketed for beginners to have reduced functionality, but the X9PS is not among them. It has 10+ Integrated Advanced Features, most of which are vital for new users. 

Self-return and follow features protect new pilots against accidents and streamline the flying experience. These features ensure your drone remains safe and remains just as functional once you enter the professional tier. 

X9PS 4K Camera Drone functions

X9PS 4K Camera Drone

The X9PS 4K Camera has a 70° Field Of View (FOV) and records in 12 MP quality for detailed results. It utilizes a high-quality 1/3.2 CMOS Camera Sensor with 35mm Focal Length and supports 50x Camera Zoom

The 4K HD Camera Captures Images in QHD 16:9 (2560 x 1440) in JPEG Format and Records Videos in FHD 16:9 (1920 x 1080) at 25 FPS in MP4 Format. The drone supports MicroSD Cards up to 32GB in FAT32 File Format. With the internal card, you don’t have to save images and videos directly on your phone. 

The camera’s First Person View (FPV) offers an immersive experience for taking photos and videos. Live feed from the FPV provides a detailed view of the best angles for your drone’s camera. 

X9PS 4K Camera Drone

Long-Range Transmission

The X9PS 4K camera drone has a massive 3km Control Range at which the controller can operate. Even if the drone loses contact, the self-return feature will bring it back to the starting point. 

It supports 5G Wi-Fi and has an 800m Real-Time Transmission Range in which it seamlessly sends its camera feed. You never have to worry about transmission lag with the Strong Frequency Range of FCC: 5.150-5.250GHz and CE: 5.150-5.250GHz. 

X9PS 4K Camera Drone long transmission range

Two-Axis Brushless Gimbal Stability

The X9PS has a reliable Two-Axis Brushless Gimbal Stability Mechanism that Significantly Reduces Shaking. The Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera (PTZ) can adjust to -90°-0° of movement. As a result, your drone produces detailed, first-rate photos and videos every time. 

X9PS brushless gimbal stability mechanism

Astounding Camera Results

The onboard gimbal stability system, PTZ camera, optical flow systems, and GPS unite to keep the drone extremely stable. The X9PS proves this in more than just words by consistently producing superior results. 

X9PS camera results

Extended Flight Time

The enhanced X9PS 4K camera drone has a 21 Minute Flight Time, which is more than 33 percent more than the predecessor X9P. It has a Flight Speed of 20km/h, an Ascent Speed of 2m/s, and a Descent Speed of 1.5m/s.

All systems are revised to deliver better performance. The powerful battery packs more energy, the brushless motors are energy efficient, and the aircraft uses lightweight materials. The resulting drone is an even better version than its previous model. 

X9PS extended flight time

Accessible One-Key Return Button

The X9PS 4K camera drone has an accessible One-Key Return (RTH) feature with a Dedicated Remote Control Key. Just tapping it will return the drone right back to its starting point. 

X9PS one-key return

Return To Home and Point Of Interest

The RTH feature is the core of the X9PS safety protocols. The drone will automatically fly to the starting destination if it runs low on battery or breaks out of range. 

Another cool feature of the X9PS is the Point Of Interest (POI) Mode. The drone can Track an Object and Circle It in 360° loops. The mode is perfect for shooting breathtaking, cinematic photos and videos.

POI and RTH assist new users since flying a drone back and encircling an object can be hard to do at first. With these automated modes, you never have to worry about these flight maneuvers and focus more on operating the camera. 

X9PS 4K camera drone point of interest and return to home features

Takeoff/Landing Made Easy

The majority of damage done to drones by new users is during takeoff and landing. The X9PS 4K camera drone comes with Automated Takeoff/Landing. All you have to do is press the Dedicated Takeoff/Landing Key to make it work. The drone will hover at ~1.2m and be ready to be piloted.

X9PS one-key takeoff/landing feature

Smart Follow-Me Feature

The Follow-Me Feature tracks an object at a set distance and can shoot photos and videos when prompted. It is a delightful hands-free experience with which you can focus more on the environment and let the drone handle the rest! 

X9PS smart follow-me feature

Handy Gesture Recognition

The X9PS integrates advanced AI and computer vision in its software for the Gesture Recognition Feature. It identifies specific gestures as prompts to shoot pictures or start/stop taking videos. 

Gesture recognition works wonderfully with follow-me, allowing you to snap pictures and record video with pauses as needed without having to control the drone at all. 

X9PS 4K camera drone gesture recognition feature

Automated Waypoint Flight

Using the Waypoint Flight Feature, you can set markers on the map which the drone will fly through. Using waypoint flight, you can focus entirely on the camera lens and take detailed photos and videos.

X9PS waypoint flight feature

Incredible Stability with Optical Flow and GPS

The X9PS 4K camera drone uses both GPS and GLONASS for its location system. The dual configuration gives it a precise failover mechanism that transmits its location at all times. The optical flow sensors adjust the motors according to user control inputs and keep the drone steady at all times. 

X9PS GPS, GLONASS, and optical flow

No Need to Register

The X9PS does need to be registered for being considered legal for flight.

No need to register X13 4K camera drone

Lightweight Drone

Weighing in at just 249g, it is very lightweight and easy to carry.

X9PS 249g lightweight drone 

X13 Drone Structure Details

The structure of the X9PS is very easy to understand.

X9PS structure

Ergonomically Designed Remote Controller Details

The ergonomically designed remote controller is comfortable and mounts the mobile very well.

X9PS remote controller details

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