SG906 Pro Beast 2 Racing Drone with 4K Camera


Excellent Racing and 4K Camera Drone

Specialized drones for photography, racing, videography and other niches come with advanced features for their respective purposes. But what if you need something more? What if you need a drone with racing specs that can also shoot professional photos and videos? In that case, the SG906 Pro Beast 2 is the drone for you. It combines top-tier Racing Drone Specs with a High-Quality 4K Camera stabilized with a 3-Axis Mechanical Gimbal System. The drone carries advanced features such as Intelligent Follow and Fixed-Point Orbit that facilitate your activities.

SG906 Pro Beast 2 Functional Features

The SG906 Pro Beast 2 comes configured with a host of useful features to facilitate your drone flying operations. The camera is enabled with a 3-way Pan-Tilt-Zoom and stabilized with a 3-axis gimbal. It utilizes optical flow positioning to maintain excellent balance and can receive signals up to 1200m away. The Auto-Follow Feature automatically follows either the phone using GPS or Utilizes Computer Vision to Identify and Track Object. Features such as intelligent follow, gesture recognition and waypoint flight automate certain drone flight aspects to assist you during the flight.

SG906 Pro Beast 2 Features


SG906 Pro Beast 2 Camera Features

The SG906 Pro Beast 2 camera system can produce PTZ movements, 3-axis gimbal, high-definition quality and incredible zoom. Combining uncompromising hardware and software capabilities provides you with an unparalleled experience when operating the drone.

SG906 Pro Beast 2 camera features

3-Axis Mechanical Gimbal Stability Mechanism

Even the best drone cameras fail to capture stunning photos and videos without proper stability. The SG906 Pro Beast 2 counters any disturbance to the camera with its advanced Anti-Shake 3-Axis Gimbal Stability Mechanism. The gimbal ensures that your drone will consistently generate the highest quality for your photos and videos.

SG906 Pro Beast 2 3-axis mechanical gimbal mechanism

Self-Correcting Gimbal and PTZ Camera

The gimbal mechanism is capable of Self-Stabilization and Correction that automatically adjusts its orientation and position when disturbed, which protects your images and videos from distortion. The Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera stabilizes at 45° Lateral (Horizontal), 65° Lateral (Lateral), and 110° Longitudinal (Vertical). The self-correction and camera movements enable you to record photos and videos from a wide range of angles.

SG906 Pro Beast 2 self-correcting gimbal

Superior Camera Quality Results

The combination of a high-definition camera, excellent supporting software, 3-axis gimbal and advanced flight controls delivers results that speak for themselves. The drone camera delivers astounding results even when their is high turbulence and disturbance.

SG906 Pro Beast 2 camera quality

Protected Camera

The SG906 Pro Beast 2 can operate under the wind, fog and even drizzle. The camera remains protected behind a transparent, durable cover that keeps wind, dust, and water away despite bad weather. The protective seal keeps the camera operational and unaffected that results in hardware longevity and better camera results. The drone additionally has a Certified Level 7 Wind Resistance for operating under windy conditions.

Protected camera

High-Quality, Smart Flight Camera

The SG906 Pro Beast 2 has a 4K Camera capable of shooting and recording incredibly detailed images and videos. It Captures Images in 4K 4096 x 3072 (4:3) and Records Videos in DCI 2K 2048 x 1080 (1.90:1) at 25 FPS. It also has a Bottom Camera that Captures Images in 720p 1280 x 720 (16:9) and Records Videos in 720p 1280 x 720 (16:9) at 25 FPS. The bottom camera collects visual data for the optical flow sensors, maintaining the drone’s automated flight controls.

SG906 Pro Beast 2 smart camera

SG906 Pro Beast 2 Signature Sony IMX179 Camera

The SG906 Pro Beast 2 has the Sony IMX179 Camera with a 1/3.2 CMOS Camera Sensor and 4K HD Lens. The camera has a 50x Zoom Focal Length for getting a close-up view without deteriorating the quality.

SG906 Pro Beast 2 Sony IMX179 camera

Signature Camera Quality Results

The superior camera quality of the drone is evident from the results. The 4K camera intelligently distinguishes contrast to display light and dark features recorded through the camera accurately.

Camera quality

Long Distance Range

With this variant of the SG906 Pro, you never have to worry about the drone flying out of range. It can be Remote Controlled at 1200m Away without any issues. The drone Transmits Images at 800m using 5G Wi-Fi. With these distances, you can securely fly your drone without losing it to signal loss.

SG906 Pro Beast 2 long distance range

Extended Battery Life

Racing drones have high energy consumption and often drain their battery during operation. The SG906 Pro Beast 2 uses a 7.4V 3400mAh Li-Po Battery that delivers about 26 Minutes of Operational Flight Time. The lithium-polymer battery utilizes a 5V USB Charger and Takes 6 Hours to Fully Charge. It has a dense energy charge and minimal degradation, meaning it stores power efficiently and has a long serviceable life. These benefits mean your drone’s battery lasts longer both during flight and over time.

SG906 Pro Beast 2 extended battery life

SG906 Pro Beast 2 Multi-Sensory Array

Racing drones require advanced hardware and software with precision computation for their intense operations. The SG906 Pro Beast 2 is no exception to the rule and performs wonderfully in the category. The onboard Optical Flow Sensors utilize the image data from the bottom camera to optimize flight. They communicate with the ESC System to control signals to the motors for maximizing performance. The AI Lens records the best possible image and video results. The GPS Module plays a vital role in the drone’s safety systems and its standard features.

SG906 Pro Beast 2 multisensors

GPS Positioning Return

The SG906 Pro Beast 2 has a safety system that automatically returns it to the starting position if the battery falls below 25%. The drone also has a One-Key Return to Takeoff Feature that returns the drone to where it began its flight. In case the drone loses signal, it will automatically return to the starting point. These safety features combine to protect your drone from almost any possible incident that can lead to accidental loss.

GPS positioning return


Optical Flow Positioning

The Optical Flow Sensors actively monitor the drone’s data in real-time through the bottom camera. It accurately determines the height, position, speed and other related factors to improve flight, hover controls, and aerial stability.

SG906 Pro Beast 2 optical flow sensors

GPS Follow Surround 2.0

The SG906 Pro Beast 2 has an advanced GPS Follow Surround 2.0 Feature that flies around a fixed target. After configuring the object or point, the drone will Orbit it at 360° while recording. It excels in capturing immersive videos with absolute perfection.

SG906 Pro Beast 2 GPS Follow Surround 2.0 feature

SG906 Pro Beast 2 Waypoint Flight

Drone flight is made even simpler with the SG906 Pro Beast 2 Waypoint Flight Feature. Set the markers on the map through the app to design a route for the drone. The drone will take it from there and fly through them. The waypoint flight feature allows you to focus more on the camera rather than flying the drone.

GPS Waypoint Flight


50x Zoom Capability

The high-definition camera is capable of Zooming at 50x Focal Length. As a result of the incredible zooming capabilities, you can take close-up pictures and videos with minimal loss to quality.

SG906 Pro Beast 2 50x camera focal length

Gesture Recognition

The SG906 Pro Beast 2 is capable of Gesture Recognition to take photos and videos when signalled. The drone can similarly distinguish Both Single and Double-Handed Gestures to snap photos and start/stop recording videos when motioned at 1-3m distance. With intelligent gesture recognition, you can forget about flying the drone and focus on other activities. The drone will autonomously start/stop recording and take photos whenever you cue it.

SG906 Pro Beast 2 gesture recognition

Sharing made Simple with One-Key

You can easily share the photos and videos using the dedicated One-Key Sharing through the app. Simply select the photos and videos through the app and share using the dedicated feature.

One-key sharing feature

Lightweight, Compact, and Portable

The SG906 Pro Beast 2 measures 19cm x 7.5cm x 9.5cm When Folded and 45cm x 42cm x 7.5cm When Unfolded. It Weighs 552 grams and is Built using Matte Plastic that makes it strong yet light. As a result of its materials, it is durable, lightweight, portable, and comes with its dedicated carry box.

Light, compact, and portable
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