Pro Foldable Drone with 4K Dual Camera and 2 Axis Gimbal


A Powerhouse Mini Drone

To accommodate the smaller chassis of mini drones, they are often streamlined, thus reducing features. However, the Pro Foldable Drone does a spectacular job of bringing high-end specs in the mini quadcopter category. Despite being a smaller variant, it comes with 4K dual cameras, a 2-axis gimbal, GPS/GLONASS, and numerous advanced flight features. You can reliably count on the L106 Pro mini drone to fulfill your expectations in almost any situation.

Feature Rich Mini Drone

The Pro foldable drone has numerous invaluable features. It comes complete with advanced hardware such as a 2-axis gimbal, optical flow, GPS/GLONASS, and 4K dual cameras. The drone’s features are equally helpful – surround flight, headless mode, one-key takeoff, and GPS follow greatly facilitate autonomous drone flight.

L106 Pro mini drone features

Anti-Shake 2 Axis Gimbal Mechanism

Shaking and tremors are a significant reasons why drone cameras are unable to take crisp photos and videos. The Pro foldable drone has a 2-Axis Gimbal Mechanism that Self-Stabilizes despite unsteadiness. The Anti-Shake gimbal works wonders in stabilizing the camera for perfect shots every time.

L106 Pro mini drone anti-shake camera

Proven Camera Quality Superiority

The quality of the images and videos shot from the Pro foldable drone speak for themselves. The Wide-Angle 120° Camera captures detailed photos and videos you’re your drone. Where other drones would generate blurry results, the Pro foldable drone consistently maintains its signature camera quality. The self-stabilizing gimbal is capable of 65° Lateral and 90 Vertical Movements.

L106 Pro camera quality

High-Definition 4K Camera

The Pro foldable drone has a Front 4K Sony 179 Lens Camera that Captures Images in 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 (16:9) and Records Videos in 1080p 1920 x 1080 (16:9) at 25 FPS. The 720p Bottom Camera Captures Images in 720p 1280 x 720 (16:9) and Records Videos in 640 x 480 (4:3) at 25 FPS. The TDK 20600 Gyroscope Chip keeps the drone steady, and the Qualcomm 1021 5G Wi-Fi Chip maintains a seamless connection at all times. You cannot distinguish the resulting camera resolution from professional-tier ones.

L106 Pro 4K camera

Dual Camera Configuration

With two cameras at your disposal, you can take both flat and overhead shots without readjusting the drone or the camera.

L106 Pro dual cameras

90° ESC Adjustment

You can adjust the 4K ESC Camera at 90° to move the camera as needed during camera operations.

L106 ESC

High-Energy Modular Battery Design

The Pro foldable drone uses a High-Energy Lithium-Polymer 7.4V 1600mAh Battery for its operations. The battery has a 2.5 Hours Charging Time and can power the drone for 16 Minutes of Flight Time. Moreover, it has a Smart Modular Design, which makes it very easy to manage. The battery also has a Battery Level Indicator that conveniently displays the charge left.

L106 Pro mini drone modular battery

Pro Foldable Drone GPS/GLONASS Positioning

Dual GPS/GLONASS Positioning System ensures that the Pro foldable drone receives the best GPS support possible. It also comes configured with the following Safety Features:

  • Lose Control Return: Returns the drone to its starting point if control is lost accidentally for any reason.
  • Low Power Return: Returns the drone to its starting point if low battery power is detected.
  • Over-Range Return: Returns the drone to its starting point if it crosses the operational range.
L106 Pro safety features

Accurate GPS + Optical Flow Positioning 

The combination of GPS and Optical Flow Sensors delivers an incredibly stable hover mode. The UAV utilizes data from the bottom camera to calculate height and current position. It uses GPS to enhance further location tracking, which provides a very steady hover mode.

L106 Pro GPS and optical flow

5G Enabled Long Range Transmission

Operate your drone without worrying about losing it as the Pro foldable drone has a Transmission Range of 1200m and a Flying Height of 120m. That’s over a kilometer! The 5G Enabled Wi-Fi drone can Transmit Real-Time Feed Within 300-600m. You can enjoy a live feed from the drone with no issues related to signal loss. And if that does happen, the safety features will automatically return it to the starting point.

L106 Pro Real-Time Image Transmission

Autonomous 360° Point of Interest  

The fully automated 360° Point of Interest Surround Mode locks onto a target or position and orbits it in 360° circles. The mode facilitates drone flight as flying perfect circles while maintaining camera focus is a difficult task.

L106 Pro flying around

Predefined Route with Waypoint Flight

You can conveniently use the Waypoint Flight Feature to pilot the drone over long distances. Set waypoints on the digital map, and the Pro foldable drone will fly through them by itself. The feature is perfect for mapping routes and dedicating your focus to the camera.

L106 Pro Waypoint Flight

Computer Vision-Based Image Follow

The Pro foldable drone employs advanced AI and computer vision to identify and track targets in its Image Follow Feature. Set the object that the drone is supposed to follow, and the Pro foldable drone will start monitoring it, leaving you free to do other activities.

image follow feature

Pro Foldable Drone 50X Zoom

The 50X Zoom enables you to take close-up photos and videos that would otherwise be well out of the drone’s flight range.

50x zoom

Mobile App for Viewing Feed

You can check out the real-time feed from the drone’s POI on your smartphone.

L106 Pro mini drone mobile app

Smart Gesture Recognition. 

The Pro foldable drone comes installed with the Smart Gesture Recognition with 1-3m Range. It uses AI and computer vision to recognize hand movements as signals for capturing photos and for starting/stopping video recording. For example, simply gesture your hands in a victory pose to snap a photo and use a palm signal for video recording.

gesture recognition

Comes With a Functional Application

The Pro foldable drone has a Functional Application that you can use to add effects, dynamic music and share instantaneously.

Pro foldable drone
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