Optimus 6K Dual Camera Drone


An Uncompromising Performance Beast

Numerous drones in the market boast high-end specs but fail to deliver the expected performance. Some may excel in one area, but deficiencies in other aspects become their downfall. But have no worries, as the Optimus 6K Drone is here at your disposal. The performance beast boasts uncompromising features such as a 6K camera, extended flight time, rugged chassis, brushless motors, and GPS. The Optimus 6K drone has all the prime features, and more you need for professional photography and videography.

A True Performance Beast

The Optimus 6K drone holds to its reputation as a performance beast. Everything from its flight controls, battery, and integrated specs to advanced features delivers excellent performance.

S189 6K drone performance beast

High-End Specs

With High-End Professional Features at your convenience, you can consistently achieve the best results. You can use GPS PositioningIntelligent Flight ControlsAerial Camera SystemsPerformance Specs, and other features to achieve the highest quality results.

S189 6K drone high-end specs

Smart Foldable Design and Anti-Shake Lens

The Optimus 6K drone has a Smart Foldable Design that makes it compact and portable. The drone measures 42cm x 30cm x 8.5cm When Unfolded and just 11cm x 19cm x 8.5cm When Folded. The anti-shake lens ensures that the camera records in perfect quality and remains protected against vibrations.

S189 6K drone smart foldable design

Configurable Electronic Fence

With the Electronic Fence Feature, you can set a digital perimeter beyond which the drone will not go. The fence is perfect for limiting drone operations within safe boundaries and keeping it in sight.

S189 6K drone electronic fence

Autonomous 360° Surround Fly

Flying the drone in perfect circles while keeping the camera focused on an object is quite tricky. With the Optimus 6K drone’s 360° Surround Fly Feature, you neither have to worry about flying nor about operating the camera. Simply select the point or object you want the drone to track and activate the orbital mode. Capture stunning photos and videos without having to operate the drone at all!

S189 6K drone 360° surround flight

Optimus 6K Drone Functional Features

The Optimus 6K drone features are just as advanced as they are functional. Features such as Autonomous FollowSurround FlyDual Picture Mode, and GPS Systems help you get the best results consistently.

S189 6K drone advanced features

Performance that Delivers Quality

The Optimus 6K drone’s features are a result of intense research and development. Elements such as a new chipset, improved features, and upgraded chassis subsequently provide you with better tech to work with.

S189 performant brushless motors

Optimus 6K Drone Brushless Motors

Motors are the first part of a drone’s mechanical systems that starts showing issues. With the Optimus 6K drone, you will never have to worry about it as it uses 1806 7.4V Brushless Motors. The brushless motors utilize a permanent external rotor magnet instead of internal carbon brushes. The benefits of brushless motors include:

  • Lower thermal buildup.
  • Longer serviceable life.
  • Efficient power consumption.
  • Low maintenance requirements.
S189 Brushless motor

Optimus 6K Drone Level 8 Wind Resistance

You can operate the Optimus 6K drone despite windy conditions, and it will not only fly without issues but also deliver astounding camera results. The Certified Level 8 Wind Resistance, which officially approves its ability to perform well in windy conditions, is the reason why it works so well. Made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Plastic, the drone is both Durability and Weather Resistance qualities. The drone Weighs 468g with Battery and can be easily carried around because of the lightweight material.

S189 Certified Level 8 Wind Resistance

Comes with a Convenient Bag

Handling the Optimus 6K drone is easy with its very own customized carry bag.

S189 customized bag

Anti-Shake Gimbal Mechanism

The drone has an Electronic Self-Stabilizing Gimbal Mechanism that protects the camera from unwanted vibrations and movement. Similarly, the camera has an Anti-Shake Lens, which counters jitters to ensure it records media in superior quality. The camera is capable of Pan-Tilt movement and is Adjustable over 90°.

S189 Dual Camera drone

Optimus 6K Drone Long Range Transmission 

You can fly the Optimus 6K drone at great distances without losing the signal. It has a Remote Control Distance of 2000m and a Real-Time Image Transmission Range of 600m.

S189 transmission range

Accurate GPS Positioning and Safety Features

The Optimus drone utilizes a Smart Dual Positioning GPS/GLONASS System that provides precise tracking and positioning location. It also comes with the following Safety Features:

  • Low Power Return: Automatically returns the drone to the starting position if low battery power is detected.
  • Over-Distance Return: Automatically returns the drone to the starting position if it exceeds the operational range.
  • Runaway Return: Automatically returns the drone to the starting position if it accidentally crosses the signal range.
  • One-Key Return: Automatically returns the drone with the tap of a dedicated return key.
S189 6K drone accurate GPS positioning

GPS Tracking and Intelligent Follow

The Optimus drone is capable of identifying and tracking objects after locking onto them. The Intelligent Follow Feature uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to identify, track, and maintain a lock on its target. The image follow-me has a range of about 10m, whereas the GPS follow me has a range of about 30m. With Intelligent Follow enabled, the drone will fly, record, and follow autonomously, thus allowing you to focus on other activities.

S189 GPS track and intelligent follow

Optimus 6K Drone Dual Cameras

The Optimus 6K Drone has a Dual Camera Configuration. The Front 6K Camera Captures Images in 6K 6144 x 3456 (16:9) and Records Videos in 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 (16:9) at 25 FPS. The Bottom 1080p Camera Captures Images in 1080p 1920 x 1080 (16:9) and Records Videos in 1080p 1920 x 1080 (16:9) at 20 FPS. The front camera also has an immersive, Wide Angle 120° Field of View, which Supports Panoramic Photos and Wide-Angle Videos. With these specs, you can easily generate first-rate image and video quality every time.

S189 dual cameras

Precise GPS and Optical Flow Positioning

With the dual GPS configuration and Optical Flow Sensors, the Optimus drone maintains a remarkably steady hover. It has a Maximum Rise Speed of 1.6m/s and a Maximum Landing Speed of 1m/s, both fast and effective for drone flying operations.

S189 dual GPS positioning

Positioning Flight

With Positioning Flight Feature, you only need to set the markers on the digital map, and the Optimus 6K drone will autonomously fly through them. Simply select the waypoints and let the drone handle the rest. It is that simple!

S189 6K drone position flight

Real-Time Mobile App Transmission

The Optimus drone has a maximum real-time transmission range of 600m. The controller frequency is 2.4GHz, and the drone is also 5G wi-fi enabled.

S189 6K drone real-time transmission

Gesture Recognition

With Gesture Recognition Feature, you can let the drone handle the flying and camera controls entirely. The drone’s software recognizes gestures such as palm movements and hand motions as signals to take photos and start/stop recording. Gesture recognition has a Range of 1-3m and has a 3-Second Delay.

S189 gesture recognition

Optimus 6K Drone Redefined Battery

7.4V 3500mAh Lithium Polymer Battery powers the Optimus 6K drone. It supports Energy Dense Storage and hence stores a significant charge. Moreover, the convenient Modular Design makes it easy to insert/remove. The battery fuels the drone for 25 Minutes of Flight Time.

S189 6K drone advanced modular battery

Intelligent Flight Chip

The Intelligent Flight Chip serving as the Optimus 6K drone processor is powerful and supports a highly researched software system for the flight.

S189 6K drone intelligent flight processor

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