MJX Bugs 3 B3 RC Professional Quadcopter Drone With ESC Protection



Who wants an extraordinary quadcopter drone with the flying time of up to 18 minutes that can do 3D flips and rolls?

MJX Bugs 3 is packed with features that will make flying and taking pictures totally effortless.

Easy to handle, yet so powerful - this personal drone is a serious piece of equipment, engineered to perfection.



MJX B3 Bugs 3 RC Racing Drone RTF Two-way 2.4GHz 4CH with Action Camera Bracket


Great Flying Experience

If you are into extreme, then this drone can do more than a regular drone. It is capable of doing a lot of impressive flight tricks such as 360 degrees flip. Plus Bugs 3 B3 is a racing quadcopter drone thus it can fly really fast without transmission delays from the controller. This drone can definitely give you unparalleled speed and breathtaking flights.



MJX Bugs 3 B3 Drone 360 degrees roll



Far Control Range 

You can control the drone from as far as 300 to 500 meters distance. This drone capable of transmitting signals from a very far range using 2.4GHz transmitter so you can effortlessly control your drone without the need of keeping a near distance to it.



MJX B3 Bugs 3 b3 Drone Control Range



Longer Flight Time

This drone won't leave you unfulfilled as it is packed with 1800mAh Battery that can last up to 20 minutes of flight time. Compared to normal drones, this model offers a longer battery life so it won't leave you hanging when you're having a lot of fun.



MJX B3 Bugs b3 drone longer flight time 1800mah battery



Adjustable Speed

Capable of reaching a very high speed, this quadcopter's speed is controllable from low to high. You can now set the right speed needed for the drone so that it will efficiently save its purpose either for photography or racing.



Bugs 3 b3 Drone Adjustable Speed




Premium Propellers

Another thing that makes this drone amazing is that it has an easy to install and detach propellers. The propellers have an auto-lock feature plus A, B, lock, and unlock signs to make sure you won't waste your time figuring out how to attach the propellers.



MJX B3 Bugs 3 Propellers Wheelbase



Built-in LED Lights

This quadcopter drone is also equipped with super bright LED lights making it visible during night flights. 



Bus 3 B3 Drone LED Lights



ESC Protection

What makes this drone unique is that it's built with an independent ESC which means it has built-in automatic lock protection and high-temperature protection to maximize its condition in the long run.



MJX B3 Bugs 3 Drone ESC Protection



Smart Controller

Its remote controller is as competitive as the drone itself. It has built-in alarms that will notify you when you need to land your drone. Its beeping sound will indicate when the drone is already on very low voltage or out of coverage to ensure its safety.



MJX B3 Bugs 3 Remote Control Alarm



Compatible With Sports Camera

You can pair it with almost any types of sports camera and it also features real-time First-Person View of the drone's live footage through your smartphone so you can witness more of its spectacular flight performance.



MJX Bugs 3 B3 RC Professional Quadcopter Drone



Made from High-Grade Materials

Giving you more of its premium features, this quadcopter is also made from high-intensity nylon fibre that ensures excellent shock resistance from its propellers to the shell body.



MJX B3 Bugs 3 RC Racing Drone RTF Two-way 2.4GHz 4CH with Action Camera Bracket




Drone’s Strengths:

  • Smart Transmitter Alarm - the controller will alarm when your quadcopter is in low power or flies too far away
  • Gimbal mount - compatible with most action cameras (Camera not included)
  • Working time - about 18 minutes
  • Control distance - two-way 2.4GHz technology provides our drone helicopter with a distance up to 500 meters
  • 3D Flips & Rolls: Just press down the button to get 360 degrees flip perfect action
  • Powerful Brushless Motor - 1800KV brushless motor for steady photography


Package Includes:

  • 1 * RC Quadcopter
  • 1 * Remote Controller
  • 1 * Camera Mount
  • 1 * 4V 1800mAh Li-Poly battery
  • 1 * Battery Charger
  • 1 * Screwdriver
  • 1 * Screws Pack
  • 1 * English Instruction Manual
  • 1 * Propeller Changer
  • 4 * Propellers
  • 4 * Landing gears   




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