S105 Pro 6K Dual Camera Drone with GPS and 5G


The Smart Drone Choice of Amateurs and Professionals Alike

Purchasing a drone as much suitable for amateurs as professionals can be challenging. Finding the right balance between hardware specifications, usability and features is a lengthy task. However, the S105 Pro 6K Dual CameraDrone is the perfect solution for such cases. The 6K and 4KDualCamera configuration combined with lengthy range, brushless motors, and many more features make it a fine choice for almost any use case.

Incredible Value for Features

The S105 Pro 6K dual camera drone is perfect for all occasions – from practicing your drone flights to professional event coverages. The GPS and Smart Return capabilities provide security and make it easy to retrieve your drone. The drone’s Immersive StockApplication includes many useful features such as beauty filters, adding special effects, background music, cropping, etc.

S105 Pro 6K dual camera drone best value drone


6k/4k Dual Camera Drone

The frontal camera CapturesImages in 6K (6144 × 3456) and RecordsVideos in SCI 2K native resolution (2048 × 1080) to deliver an impactful result. It films from a First Person View (FPV) perspective, thus providing an excellent camera angle for your photos and videos. The camera is also equipped with Electronic Stability Control (ESC)Systemsthat enable 90°Movement from horizontal to vertically down angle. You can switch anytime between the frontal and bottom HD camera. The optical flow features add amazing stability when in HoverMode for shooting clear photos and videos.

6k dual camera drone

6k/4k Dual Camera Drone with 110° View ESC PZT

The front camera has both ESC and Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PZT) features. PZT allows you to remotely control the camera angle within 90° movement. The front camera also has a Superwide 110°View for capturing immersive photos and videos in 4K definition. The ESC controls further enhance the pixel results by significantly reducing distortion improving the drone’s aerial balance.

6k dual camera drone ESC PTZ camera


5G Wi-Fi Enabled with 1200m Range

The S105 Pro 6K dual camera drone supports the latest 5G Wi-Fitechnology to provide a reliable connection with your mobile device. Seamlessly transfer your media within 500 meters range from the RC drone to your device. The application enables remote control access to the drone as well as capturing photos/videos and downloading them directly to your mobile. With an extensive range of 1200 meters, you never have to worry about losing the signal. Fly your drone without worrying about losing contact even a kilometer away!

6k dual camera drone 5G wifi


Level 8 Wind Resistance

The S105 Pro 6K dual camera drone scores a solid certified Level 8 Wind Resistance. It remains undeterred in even strong, windy conditions, meaning your drone remains steady at all times. The ESC brushless motors and optical flow sensors further enhance the aerial stability for a smooth driving experience and peerless video and image quality.

brushless motor level 8 wind resistance


Stylish LEDs

Most drones lack style – but not the S105 Pro 6K dual camera drone. It features Stylish LEDLights that not only add to its charm but also lend it visibility in otherwise poor weather conditions, such as mist.

drone LED lights waypoint flight


6K/4K Dual Camera DroneFlight Features

The S105 Pro packs many advanced features to enhance your flying experience.

  • Optical Flow:Optical flow locks your current position. The ESC systems to stabilize the brushless motors to minimize shaking and turbulence. The feature enables you to capture stunning photos and videos without the slightest sign of distortion.
  • GPS Tracking and Return:The S105 Pro also has GPS capabilities that signal its location in real-time to the controller. The Auto-Return feature recalls the drone to the return point if it moves out of range or starts running low on power. This keeps your drone safe at all times.
  • Altitude Hold:The Altitude-Hold feature keeps the drone steady at a predefined height, giving you the chance to record without distorting the quality.
  • Gesture Recognition:The S105 Pro can detect programmed gestures within a 1–3-meter range and start taking photos and videos on their cue.
  • Surround Shot:The drone begins circling the selected point or object in a full 360° loop, letting you record incredible shots.
  • Follow-me Tracking:The feature allows the drone to lock onto a human or object and track it. Perfect for recording yourself without having to worry about controlling the drone at all!
  • Waypoint Uncontrolled Flight:The drone can follow a predefined flight path autonomously so the user can focus on capturing pictures and videos.
  • Headless Mode:It sets the drone’s orientation to the driver. For example, if the front of your drone is facing you in this mode and you move it right, it will move to your right, not its own. Without the mode, it would move to your left, which would be its right according to its current orientation. Headless mode is indispensable when you need to focus directly on shooting and need to keep both the scenery and the drone in sight. 
optical flow gps tracking

Superior Stability with Optical Flow

The quality of a drone can easily be judged by how it maintains a steady position when in-flight or hovering. These factors cannot be overlooked as they directly translate to driving experience and photo/video quality. The S105 Pro 6K dual camera drone excels in this department with its brushless motors, ESC systems, and optical flow sensors. The sensors monitor the movements and send the information to the flight processor. It utilizes the data to enable Anti-ShakeStabilization shooting.

optical flow stability

Efficient, Resilient Brushless Motors

RC drone motors experience intense usage and must deliver precise results to keep the drone airborne. Consequently, they need to be as just as resilient and efficient as they are powerful. This is why the S105 Pro 6K dual camera drone uses brushless motors. These motors have permanent magnets at their external rotor instead of electromagnets. As a result, they have ReducedThermalOutput and require MinimumMaintenance. They also actively manage their power supply by monitoring rotor movements to deliver BatteryEfficiency. All of this culminates in a massive 30000Hours of ServiceableFlightTime for your drone.

quiet power efficient brushless motors

Durable Battery with Extended Flight Time

The S105 Pro uses a 7.4V 2500 mAh Li-PoRechargeableBattery. Lithium polymer batteries are stable, charge quickly, and have a long life. The battery takes 150-180 minutes toRecharge fully for 25-30Minutes ofFlight. The drone supports Charging from a USBInterface which makes it accessible to numerous power outlets. The remote control requires 3 x 1.5VAA batteries to operate.

efficient modular battery

Lightweight, Portable 6K Dual Camera Drone

RC drones have to be compact and lightweight since they need to be portable. The S105 Pro 6K dual camera drone comes in a PortableZipperBox andPaperBox to simplify mobility. You can also fold the fan blades and wings to save space. The parts remain good as new even after extended usage. The drone measures 25 x 25 x 6 cm when unfolded and just 14 x 10 x 6 cm when packed. The fuselage is Made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic, which boasts high tensile strength, impact resistance, and resilience against chemical corrosion. Because of this, your drone boasts long serviceable life and can withstand the hardiest of use. ABS itself is lightweight, which significantly reduces overall weight.

lightweight portable strong drone
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